1) What is Mono/Sole/Single Disciplinary ?

A Journal which publishes articles of one discipline like Journal of Math, Journal of Economics.

2) What is Interdisciplinary ?

A Journal which publishes articles from two or more disciplines that are inter related or connected through theme or idea wise. For example, Journals of Science and Technology, Journals of Life Sciences.

3) What is Multidisciplinary ?

A Journal which publishes articles from all the disciplines. For example, Journals publishing articles of science, commerce, humanities, Technical and education etc. disciplines.

4) What is Intradisciplinary ?

A Journal which publishes the articles from the disciplines that have come out from one another. For example, Journals of Life Science along with Botany, Zoology, Journals of Language and Literature.

5) What is the minimum requirement for evaluation of Journal's Impact Factor ?

At least five issues should have been published & At least 15 articles must have been published in the each issue.

6) Which disciplines are covered by Journal's Impact Factor ?

All Branches of Agriculture, Arts, Linguistics & Literature, Social Sciences, Journalism, Environmental Studies, Commerce, Education & Sports, Library & Information Science, Law & Political Science, Religion, Multi-disciplinary, Single-disciplinary, Inter-disciplinary, Intra-disciplinary

7) 	What is the evaluation methodology?

There are various methodologies for Evaluating a Journal. e.g.  Journal's Relevance of the Research.  The journal's presence in various indexing services.  Regularity of the publication of journal.  Age of journal.  Online publication and its constant maintenance.  Frequency of publication articles.  Originality of Articles.  Checking format for bibliographic references according to any of Citations Styles.  Journal website design : ease of use, ease of access.  Online/Offline submission, payment methods.  Frequency of the journal, current volume, issue, month, year.  References and Indices should be presented in proper sequencing order as they are cited in the text.  The journal should include detailed editorial and author guidelines, information regarding manuscript preparation.  Management bodies for the journal governance, such as Board of publisher and council, Editorial Board, Advisory Board, Executive Board, Article
       Review Team.

8) How much time does the evaluation take?

Time of journal evaluation varies depending on the date of journal registration, but not more than 30 days for the date of apply.

9) Can we add the Logo of ANTHELION into our Journal Home page?

Yes. After getting the confirmation mail, you can use the logo on your Journal website Homepage or front of Cover-page for print Journal.